Julie Knauf CPNP

Name: Julie Knauf

Degrees: Bachelor of Science-Nursing, Masters of Science-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Position at MPMC: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Granby clinic

School(s) attended: Marquette University-Milwaukee, Loyola University-Chicago, University of CO Health Science Center- Denver

Like most of those living in Grand County, my biggest love is for the outdoors. Telemark and cross country skiing, rafting, hiking, and star gazing are just a few of my loves. However, the people are what have kept me in the county for 27 years. The people that I have met here will be in my life forever and for that, I am thankful. It’s the people that come together in times of need and support, that smile and say hello when passing in the street, and that will share a laugh while standing in line at the grocery story. They are what make Grand County great and I am fortunate enough to have cared for many and watched those live healthier lives. Similar to the saying, “you come for the winters and stay for the summers”, those that have lived here long enough say, “you come to Grand County for the outdoors, but stayed because of the people."