Robert Anderson MD

Name: Rob Anderson

Degrees: Bachelor of Science, Medical Doctor, Family Practice Residency

Position at MPMC: Emergency Department physician, Trauma Medical Director

School(s) attended: University of California-Berkley, University of Akron, Northeastern Ohio Medical University,

Being a part of the Emergency Department for both Kremmling and Granby has really had a profound impact on my career.I appreciate what the community holds dear to them and hope that my actions in the ER have been beneficial.I am surrounded by a caring, professional staff that will do anything to make sure that the best care is given to those that walk through our doors.Grand County is truly a wonder to behold, especially the outdoor recreation that is abundantly available. I enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, camping and adventure whenever possible. My six year old daughter, my wife and I enjoy the closed-knit community and love calling Grand County our home.